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Hamba Kahle Ahmed Kathrada

LETTER OF CONDOLENCE ON THE PASSING OF FREEDOM FIGHTER DR. AHMED KATHRADA Awqaf SA is deeply touched and saddened to receive the news of the passing of political activist, humanitarian, freedom fighter and father to our nation, Mujahid Dr. Ahmed Kathrada. Our heartfelt condolences goes to the family on the passing of Uncle Kathy. May Allah grant him Janatul Firdous and patience to his family, comrades and compatriots during thois difficult time. Uncle Kathy, as he was affectionately known, was an icon and stalwart of human rights and a brave Martyr that fought for the rights of the oppressed globally irrespective of race, religion, tribe or nationality. While we mourn the passing of Uncle Kathy we take solace in the life of a freedom fighter who lived his life to the fullest as an excellent example for all to emulate. His deep concern for humanity, his gentleness and humility is ...

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National Student Waqf Drive

“MY WAQF” CAMPAIGN : Spreading the Culture of Waqf Giving The Divine and Prophetic institution of Waqf has been part of and ingrained in Islamic History, Shariah, Civilisation, and Culture. The Muslim world is replete with iconic infrastructure ranging from Masajid, Schools, Universities, Libraries, Hospitals, Clinics, Homes for the Elderly, Orphans, and Destitute; Roads, Bridges, Cemeteries, Agricultural Farms, Nature Reserves, pavements, state and community security, water canals, … and the list goes on… whatever the community needed, the Waqf system provided. But what about the sustainability of these institutions and infrastructure? How were the upkeep of these institutions funded? From where were staff paid ? Who paid for the scholars that searched relentlessly for answers and solutions to vexing questions in religion, science, technology, medicine, engineering, astronomy, geography, history, etc? The answer is simple: It was the waqf system. The waqf system ensured that that there were commercial waqfs that ...

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Prof. Dr. Ihsan Sureyya Sirma

Professor, Dr. İhsan Süreyya Sırma is a world-renowned and foremost Islamic Scholar, academic, Islamic historian and writer. He studied under the Islamic philosophical luminary, Muhaddith and Faqih, Muhammad Hamidulllah obtaining Doctorates in various Islamic Sciences and history from Universities in France, Tunisia, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries. Professor Sirma has written over 160 books on various Islamic topics and has contributed hundreds of articles on various topics ranging from Politics and Islam, Islamic History, Fiqh and other contemporary issues. He regularly appears on television discussion programmes internationally and most of his time is spent travelling the globe delivering lectures at various universities and congresses. Part of programme includes 4 prizes for the best critique written on the symposium. Winners will win a tab and the article will be published in Muslim Views. 1Day only There will be one talk titled  “The History of Humanity and linkages to key political ...

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H2Advisory Educator Workshops

The National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA) in partnership with H2 Advisory will be hosting training workshops for educators, which aims to introduce them to innovative techniques to improve the delivery of classroom lessons. Educators and school managers will be introduced to the pioneering research of education specialist, Carl Garner, who has written several books on the ‘How2Teach,’ ‘How2Learn’ and ‘Teach2Learn’ concepts. The H2 Advisory developed modules empowers teachers to better support and motivate their students and moves away from the traditional techniques of repetitive, “teacher talk and chalk” learning methods to critical, analytical, and problem solving skills. “The workshop will attempt to highlight a need for educational change,” Awqaf CEO Zeinoul Abedien Cajee explained. “It will introduce educators and school managers to Learning Powers and how these can be implemented in the modern curriculum, which will empower student learning, especially thinking skills, and promote positive behaviour.” The ...

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Mathematics intervention in Soweto

Hundreds of grade 12 learners were tutored in Mathematics in preparation for the 2016 final examinations. Awqaf SA in conjunction with the Department of Education and KWay Institute SA pioneered this ground breaking initiative to uplift the level of Mathematics in under performing locations. The workshops yielded dramatic improvement in prelim results and we are intending to extend the initiative nationally. Workshops are currently held in Soweto and over 20 schools are engaged in the intervention program. Photo highlights  

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