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Shariah Estate & Financial Planning Seminar

We now live in a complex world where financial products like insurance/ takaful, intellectual rights, usufructs, waqf, property and other listed and non listed investments abound. Many of these products have serious shariah implications which may affect beneficiaries and dependents… either during the lifetime or at death of the asset holder. Some of beneficiaries / dependents may or may not have Quranic rights upon the death of the testator, and others may have other financial rights over the estate, such as creditors who may even be Quranic heirs. Shariah Estate & Financial Planning is becoming more and more essential and critical in the lives of Muslims who wish to ensure that their estates and wills are well planned to cater for all eventualities. The Shariah Estate & Financial Planning Seminar will bring together a host of experts to discuss various aspects of Estate and Financial planning from an Islamic perspective taking into account the realities that face Muslims today. Many dependents, beneficiaries, and creditors may not be adequately catered for. Are parents secure? Are spouses secure? Are minor children secure? Are near relatives taken care of? Are non heirs and destitute in the family taken care of? Has provision been made for a waqf? Has provision been made for immediate cash upon the demise of the breadwinner of the family? These and many other issues will be discussed. SEMINAR OBJECTIVES To create awareness on the importance of adequate financial and estate planning To equip participants with knowledge and skills regarding ...

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Awqaf SA 94.7 Charity Cycle Challenge

The 22nd edition of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge will take place on Sunday 18 November at Riversands Commercial Park. AwqafSA is registered as a charity for the 94.7 Cycle Challenge 2018 promoting two charity funds: 1. Ammarah Paramedics Bursary Fund – which supports education of Future Paramedics. About The Ammarah Paramedic Bursary Fund  Formed in memory of the Late Ammarah Khan, who selflessly dedicated her short life to the service of mankind. She pursued a career as a paramedic and was involved in the CPR-AED project. The contributions collected are capitalised in a Waqf (endowment fund) and only the income generated from this fund will be used to provide CPR training to underprivileged communities and contribute to fund part of the bursaries for students that cannot afford to study for their degrees. Thus far 3 students are funded for their degreed studies to become paramedics and there is an opportunity to fund 10 more students if the required funding is raised. 2. Shamsaan Childrens Fund – Which supports awareness, arts and culture as well as education and welfare for children. Shamsaan (meaning “two suns”) inspired by a 5 year old Ahmad Dawabsheh, brings the expression of children, their life experiences, fears, sorrows, joys, sense of identity, beliefs, hopes and dreams, in a safe environment – through art and pictures in a universal visual language and through writings, as they are seen but seldom heard. The Shamsaan project has been formed to focus on children’s human rights focusing on the right to education ...

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ARABIC Calligraphy Courses by AWQAF SA & Rafique Cajee Alhamdulillah the first course was fully booked and successful. The second 6 Session Saturday  course is going to be presented and will commence inshallah. DATES: 7 JULY 2018 TO 11 AUGUST 2018 VENUE: 112 BARRY HERTZOG AVENUE, GREENSIDE. JOHANNESBURG TIME: SATURDAY MORNINGS: 10:30AM TO 12:30PM AGE: 14 UPWARDS COST: R1500 (ALL MATERIALS WILL BE SUPPLIED AND COST IS INCLUSIVE OF ALL MATERIALS) OR R1350 (EARLY BIRD RATE ONLY APPLICABLE ON REGISTRATION) COURSE DETAILS: An introduction Course to Arabic Calligraphy in the THULUTH Script: You will learn the basic alphabet in the THULUTH SCRIPT by understanding letter form and letter scale.  We will discuss the various tools and materials used. REGISTRATION:  https://goo.gl/wV2vbu PAYMENT STRUCTURE:  50% R750.00 (Seven hundred and fifty rand) to confirm attendance and registration Balance of 50% R750.00(Seven Hundred and fifty rand) ON OR BEFORE 04 AUGUST 2018 Any queries please do not hesitate to contact : Rafique 0823536186 or Amina 0847860711 Wassalaam Loading…

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Youth Islamic Art & Calligraphy Workshop Cape Town

About Awqaf SA in association with SAFIA and the Al Ikhlaas Islamic Library is hosting a School Holiday Calligraphy Workshop as part of the Achmat Soni Art and Calligraphy Waqf project. This is a creative School holiday program to expose school going learners to Islam Art and Calligraphy. A fun and interactive workshop facilitated by Faheem Rhoda Jackson. Week 1 Photo highlights Click here to view Date: Registration is now open for Week 4 Saturday 14 July 2018 Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm Age: 10 – 16 Cost: R250 Enquiries: Hasanain 079 507 1196 Provided: All materials will be provided including: pens, inks and material A meal will be provided Bring an apron with. Registration Seats are limited 15 per class Online registration is essential Registration link: https://goo.gl/forms/x6FXrIkspDCvX0Tw1   Registration ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/nuNy6pNsAVwe4FWm1 Loading… Event flyer

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Eid Gift 1439

Thinking of an Eid Gift? The Power of R100 to Educate future generations. As we come to the end of Ramadaan, we wonder: What Gift can I give to my child or any other child?  Will you be a benefactor?   You may donate for as many children as you wish. Awqaf SA aspires to inculcate the spirit and culture of Waqf Gifting – Give a Sadaqah Jariyyah Gift to your Child!  So this Eid  open a Lifetime  “Children of Islam Waqf Account”  and start a waqf fund in the name of your child or grandchild / nephew/ niece (any age)/ or an orphan child  from as little as R100. Easy: Complete the Online application form available: Click here Submit your child’s name and surname together with your proof of payment by SMS/WhatsApp (0847860010) Email:  [email protected] or Fax 0865149644 and we shall send you a Gift Waqf Certificate in your childs / children’s name/s. We need to raise 10million Rand for Education.  We need 100000 childrens gifts of a minimum R100 each. One of the greatest pleasures in the year of a Muslim is the day of Eid ul fitr. The joy of having spent a month in the service of Allah. Celebrations begin from the eve of Eid as we prepare for a day of festivities, children’s gifts, and rewards just to see their beaming faces Alhamdulillah. The night before Eid is rightly the night of prize giving for the believer. As we scramble for extra thawaab during these last few precious ...

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