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Basic Arabic Calligraphy

About the course

A 7 week Basic Arabic Calligraphy in the Thuluth script hosted by Awqafsa and Rafique Cajee.

The NUQTA is a rhomboid dot denoting the sound of the letter, but more importantly it’s use as a measure for the size and scale of the letters.
We began with the “Alif” and ended with lines and lines of Alif on several A3 sheets…
Insha Allah we look forward to the next few weeks of more letters….the Baa….the Waw….and so on to the written word.
Saturday 17 February 2018….from 10 to12.
It is always exciting and inspiring starting another basic Arabic calligraphy

Course format
We will start the course by viewing a short video introduction to the Thuluth script, compiled by Omar Uddin (an online teacher).
We will take participants through the materials that will be required to carry out Calligraphy: the pens (pilot parallel pen) and paper for practice and other alternative material


Dates to be confirmed

Time: 10am – 12pm