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Awqaf SA PC Labs: Empowering Learners

Awqaf SA has supplied Computers to a network of PC Labs across the Western Cape. This will be on ongoing project. The computers at these sites will help facilitate skills development projects in order to bridge the digital divide that exists across South Africa. Many of the homes in impoverished communities do not have personal computers  and this PC Lab project undertaken by Awqaf SA aims to address that need and provide programmes to upskill learners.

Some of the sites include the following areas:

  • Ihata Shelter, Heideveld
  • Maddrasa tul Madina, Mitchells Plain
  • York Road, next to Shukrul Mubeen Masjid, Lansdowne
  • Masjidul Rawbie, Portlands
  • Darul Arqam High School

PC lab at Darul Arqam High School

Two of the Awqaf SA PC Labs sites, namely Maddrasa tul Madina in Mitchells Plain and the York Road site at Shukrul Mubeen Masjid, Lansdowne were used for the Africa Code Week.

What is Africa Code Week?

Africa Code Week aims at empowering future generations with the coding tools and skills they need to thrive in the 21st century workforce. Learners were exposed to a basic programming code called Scratch and this was a fun and interactive method of exposing learners to Information Technology. The sessions were conducted for one week in over 30 countries where more that 1000 workshops were held and 150, 000 youth and children benefitted


Rogeema Kenny who is an Engineer at Eskom, launched the Africa Code Week project in partnership with SAP and Google. These training workshops took place across the African continent from the October 15 to October 23 where learners and youth were exposed to coding skills. Visit Africa Code Week to find out more 
We are pleased to have had an opportunity to work with Rogeema who is an author and a motivational speaker, she spoke at Awqaf SA’s Youth Leadership Workshop in 2015.
Africa Code Week Photohiglights
York Road, Lansdowne