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Track Record

At a glance

  • Since inception, Awqaf SA developed a wide network of volunteers, contacts, partners, and friends with people, organizations, and institutions.
  • Held NGO Tax Seminars and launched the Muslim NGO Tax Commission to liase on tax matters with government on behalf of the Muslim NGO sector.
  • Participated in the World Summit on Sustainable Development and organised the 1st Muslim Convention on Sustainable Development in Erasmia, Tshwane (Pretoria) in 2002.
  • Initiated the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Unbanning of Islam and organised the “Children of Islam”  Bicentennial Jalsah.
  • Commenced  Waqf Funds for Vlakfontein, Emdeni, Riverlea, & Kagiso, and will  continue to seek partnerships in poor and disadvantaged communities.
  • Participated in the: Symposium on Islamic Civilization in Eastern Africa, Uganda (2003); Gauteng Growth & Development Summit; Conference on the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities in Cape Town, Jhb, and Durban, 2004. National Heritage Conference in Soweto, Benoni & Durban; Africa Human Rights Day; and other seminars and symposia
  • Developed policies that foster partnerships, cooperation, and  working unity.
  • Developed the institutional framework of  Awqaf SA and commenced  the  Waqf Fund.
  • Developed and produced the Arabic National Anthem.
  • Conducted Project Management course in partnership with ISWA in Cape Town.
  • Series of articles on Waqf in Muslim Views.
  • Volunteer and waqf workshops and training sessions.
  • Developed the Trees, Food,  & Water Waqf
  • Initiated the Awqaf SA/AMS Greening Project.
  • Launched the “esaale sawaab” campaign.
  • Provision of Executorship services in association with panel of attorneys and accountants.
  • Assisting in the development of organisational and institutional waqfs and providing consulting services.
  • 2006: Lead Member in hosting, planning and implementation of the international symposium on “Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa in partnership with OIC/IRCICA and University of Johannesburg.
  • Provision of Training, Mentorship, and Consulting services on, inter alia,  projects, project management, governance, sustainable funding, and sustainable community development,  to NGO’s, Municipalities, and Corporates.
  • Collaborated with Green Crescent in Lesotho in the distribution of winter clothing to the poor in 2005.
  • Facilitated the development of the Mombone Islamic Centre in Northen Mozambique.
  • Funding a home-based care programme for Aids afflicted adults and children in Lesotho in collaboration with Green Crescent.