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The Prophet Muhammad, may Allahs Choicest Blessings and Peace be upon him,  advised  his companions to make waqfs for public charity as well as for family and progeny.   This was indeed one of his strategies for transforming a self centred economy to a gift economy where people gave away private wealth for the public good, for the pleasure of Allah.


There is  no doubt that throughout the ages,  awqaf played a major role in the growth and development of Islamic Civilization. Its  religious institutions – masjids and madrasahs , libraries, universities,  hospitals, social welfare houses, soup kitchens,  farms, shopping  and housing complexes, scholars and researchers, scientists and educationists, artisans and professionals, and more   -  were all funded by this remarkable prophetic  and divine institution of waqf.


Awqaf SA is a community based charitable organisation aimed at mobilising and investing endowment funds for various community development programmes. These programmes are aimed at promoting self-reliance and sustainability.

Vision & Values:

To be the leading civil society waqf institution in Southern Africa having an exemplary financial and human capital asset base providing cutting-edge value-adding initiatives and services to empower people and communities towards the establishment of Social Justice, and excelling in all that we do with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.


  • To popularise, mobilise, create, develop, invest, and manage waqf and charitable endowment funds and assets;
  • To initiate and/or support worthwhile sustainable humanitarian, community development, and poverty alleviation projects and programmes.
  • Mobilise, train,  & engage human resources and waqf cadres for voluntary community service

3 Pillars

  • People:  The lifeblood of the organisation – its stakeholders – donors, beneficiaries. founders, volunteers, supporters, ambassadors, servants, mutawallees/trustees, advisors, service providers, community …
  • Paisa  (a word in Swahili, Urdu, Gujerati meaning “money” ) : The core business of the organisation is waqf  – a  charitable capital  fund made up of investments from the waqf donations received
  • Projects: This is where the income generated from waqf  investmests  must go to eg health, education, social welfare,  sustainable development, environment, media & publications, mosques & madressahs, poverty alleviation, community development, needy causes, advocacy  …and more.

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