Congratulatory Messages

This award is important in that a South African organization is recognized at an international level. It also gives recognition of the concept of waqf and endowments as important vehicles for change in the 21st century. Specifically for Awqaf SA, this award is a landmark moment in that the international recognition should give the organization greater impact and provide more local acceptance as a mainstream organization. It also recognizes that Awqaf AS has played a role in the revival of waqf organizations internationally, especially in Muslim minority countries. Looking into the future, the award also creates an affirmation of the vision, mission and operation of Awqaf-SA, creating an expectation and a management and performance demand that the organization then has fulfill. All the best wishes to Awqaf SA for this well deserved honour and also for its future endeavours. Aameen Wslm  
Dr Ismail Munshi, Awqaf SA


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