Congratulatory Messages

  Seldom it is that you see so few do so much for so many. And what is even more heartening is to see that it is ordinary Muslims going out of their way to help people, alleviate suffeYawar Baig Logoring, share knowledge and bring smiles to the faces of those who until then could see no light at the end of their tunnel. In all the years that I have been associated with Awqaf South Africa, as a friend and supporter, I have never failed to be impressed with the energy and dedication that the whole team brings to every project they work on. And that is the key to their success which results in so much good being spread all around. In today’s world which seems seriously short of goodness, Awqaf South Africa is living proof that if a few good people get together, they can roll back the clouds and allow the sun to shine once again. I wish all the team at Awqaf South Africa all the best and ask Allahﷻ to bless and help them in every way.  
Mirza Yawar Baig, President, Yawar Baig & Associates


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