Congratulatory Messages

Dear Awqaf SA teamWAKAF AL AZHAR logo We are happy and proud to know Awqaf SA achievement, and we hope this award could make Awqaf SA team have more spirit of Caring. Sharing. Empowering. And also we hope we give thanks more to Allah for this achievement because we never know where we get this achievement from … It could be from the people who trust us to share their Zakat, Infaq, Shadaqoh and Waqf …. not from what we have done. It could be from the sincerity of Awqaf Founder … not from great things we have done Thank you very much and  have happiness with your achievement Wakaf Al-Azhar Sincere in prayer, do the best we can do and let Allah make it perfect Aamiin
Hendra Yuliano, SPA, Wakaf Al Azhar, Indonesia


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